Simone Biles' Clothing Collection Passes the Test for Style, Inspiration, and Confidence

Olympian Simone Biles shares her goals to inspire the next generation in an exclusive E! News interview about her Athleta Girl collection.

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Simone Biles Athleta Courtesy of Athleta

We interviewed Simone Biles because we think you'll like her picks at these prices. Simone is a paid spokesperson for Athleta. The products featured are from her Athleta collection E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

Simone Biles believes that "courage is a superpower." It's one of her personal mantras, which she incorporated into her Athleta Girl clothing collection, co-designing a hoodie with those words on it. In fact, Simone shared personal notes and words of affirmation sewed into all of the pieces from her drop. The Olympian told E! News, "Those affirmations are some of the things that I used growing up and things that my parents have told me." 

Simone explained, "We incorporated these notes so kids could see it. It's kind of like they're getting a hug from me or I'm a voice on their shoulder encouraging them to use their superpowers. Those daily reminders will help them feel confident and comfortable, especially going back to school because it can be a hard time." The gymnast encourages kids to "continue to use their voice and celebrate being unique."

The Athleta Girl x Simone Biles collection was thoughtfully designed with those notes of encouragement, reversible two-in-one garments, fabric with UPF sun protection, and a jacket that transforms into a crossbody bag. Simone wants the collection to remind girls that they can "accomplish anything they put their minds to." In an exclusive E! interview, Simone talked about her mission to inspire the next generation and she discussed some of her favorite pieces from the collection.

Simone said, "I just hope that the girls love it. I think they will." They absolutely will.

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Courtesy of Athleta

E!: There's a hoodie that says, "courage is your superpower." Tell me about that message and why you wanted to include hidden messages with all of the pieces.
SB: I do believe if you're wearing clothes that you feel confident in that you will feel more comfortable. I want girls to use their voice because courage is a superpower. That's something I've told myself and that my parents taught me growing up. If I can pass that down to kids, I hope it will help tap into their inner confidence.

At the end of the day, I just wanted to lift girls spirits and help them feel inspired. They can chase their dreams and really achieve anything they put their mind to. So that's why we also incorporated those messages.

E!: It must be so rewarding to see girls wearing the styles from the previous collection. I'm sure that will be very exciting when they start wearing the pieces from this launch too. 
SB: That is one of my favorite parts of doing a collection like this, when they tag me on Instagram and Twitter wearing the collections. It just warms my heart to see them so happy and feeling good about themselves. I'm looking forward to that this time too.

E!: That's so special. Was there any feedback or suggestions from the girls that you incorporated into this drop?
SB: Actually the main feedback we got wasn't even from the kids. It was from the parents. They kept asking when we were going to drop a collection for adults. That was so nice, but right now I'm just focused on the girls. I'm so excited about this partnership with Athleta and to see what the future brings for future collaborations. 

Athleta Girl x Simone Biles Collection

Athleta Girl x Simone Biles SB Reversible Midi Bra and SB Reversible Tight

"We definitely have different visions for each collection, but specifically for this one we know that matching sets are such a big deal to this age group. Matching sets were so on-trend for adults, and then teenagers, so it only makes sense that kids want to get in on that too. Kids are really into fun patterns these days. These patterns are a great boost to feel confident and a positive distraction with some good vibes. We loved switching things up. There are crop tops that match with leggings that I would wear now as an adult. I am happy a lot of the pieces are reversible too because parents can just buy a two-in-one item."

"We want kids to still feel like kids, but there's just a nice feeling wearing a matching set. You feel put-together and that's something kids want." The top and leggings have a brushstroke print on one side and solid navy blue on the other. 

Athleta Girl x Simone Biles SB Convertible Jacket

"One of my favorite pieces from the collection is a convertible jacket that turns into a crossbody bag. I was always cold, but I hated carrying a jacket when I wasn't wearing one. This is the perfect piece."

"You can put whatever you need in the bag too. For me, that's huge. I would go right from school to the gym so I always had two outfits plus undergarments and shoes. This collection is so versatile that you don't have to pick and choose so much between workout clothes and clothes you'd wear to school. A lot of them work for more than one occasion. You won't have that struggle I had growing up where my school clothes were strictly school clothes. They can go to extracurricular activities after school in their Athleta clothes feeling comfortable and confident."

Athleta Girl x Simone Biles SB Twist Back Tank With UPF 50+ Protection

"Kids forget to put sunscreen on or if they don't in the morning, they may not reapply throughout the day. This is an amazing fabric that is lightweight, sustainable, and such a great idea. Kids are so busy these days, especially if they're involved in after school sports, any bit of sun protection is so important. I thought it was amazing and so unique to include the UPF fabric. 

Athleta Girl x Simone Biles SB Limitless Backpack

"This backpack is a little different than what I would have growing up because middle schoolers didn't have laptops then. This one has a protective sleeve to keep your laptop protected, which is important to kids and I think that's amazing. There's an outside pocket for a water bottle. I think that's nice because you don't have to go digging into your bag and it's a nice reminder to drink your water throughout the day if it's visible. The backpack is made with recycled fabrics, which I love."

Athleta Girl x Simone Biles SB Oversized Midi Hoodie and SB 3-Inch Sweatshort

"We have soft sweat shorts and there's a matching hoodie. This is a great set that would probably be my airport outfit. I just love the matching sets and kids appreciate them too."

Athleta Girl x Simone Biles SB Run the World 3-Inch Short

"There's another short that comes in light yellow that's bright. They're super cute and fun."


Athleta Girl x Simone Biles SB All Play 3-Inch Short

"We have another pair of shorts that has a pattern that kind of looks like paint strokes to me, which I love."

There are bike shorts with this same pattern too. 

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(This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.)

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