Law & Order: Organized Crime Preview: See Detective Reyes' Undercover Mission Turn Violent

Detective Bobby Reyes (Rick Gonzalez) finds himself in a dangerous situation during an undercover prison mission in E! News' exclusive Law & Order: Organized Crime sneak peek.

By Paige Strout Oct 13, 2022 9:00 PMTags
Watch: Exclusive: Reyes Gets Stabbed While Undercover

Missions don't always go to plan.

Such is the case in E! News' exclusive sneak peek at Law & Order: Organized Crime's Oct. 13 episode. Titled "Spirit in the Sky," things take a dangerous turn for Rick Gonzalez's Detective Bobby Reyes during an undercover mission at Rikers Prison.

After the murder of Henry Cole (Jeorge Bennett Watson), Reyes goes undercover as a prisoner to get more information out of the suspect in custody, which, for him, includes impressing fellow prisoners with a matchbox magic trick.

Instructing one of his new prison pals to light a match and throw it away, he magically transports the burnt match inside the pack with two unlit ones. "It's what I do, guys," he says, joking, "I'm a damn warlock."

But the mood quickly shifts after Reyes hears a prisoner across the yard say to another, "Let's go fool," implying that something bad is about to happen.

His instincts are correct, as the prisoner pulls a blade from his sleeve while walking towards the murder suspect. Still needing more information from him about Henry's murder, Reyes pushes the suspect away and confronts the armed prisoner.

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The guy gets a few good licks in from Reyes, but the detective emerges from the fight with a far worse injury, as his opponent managed to stab him in the stomach.

Zach Dilgard/NBC

As the murder suspect calls for guards, Reyes' fate is left up in the air, and fans will have to tune in to see what happens next.

Watch the full preview above and catch the new episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime tonight, Oct. 13, at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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