Dan Levy’s The Big Brunch Trailer Warm Your Heart (And Your Oven)

HBO Max has released the trailer for Schitt's Creek alum Dan Levy's mouth-watering new brunch cooking show, The Big Brunch. Watch 10 chefs vie for a huge cash prize in the trailer here.

By Charlotte Walsh Oct 20, 2022 9:00 PMTags
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Dan Levy is ready to make brunch sunny-side up.

While he may not know how to "fold in the cheese" himself, the Schitt's Creek actor is the creator, host and judge of HBO Max's newest cooking show, The Big Brunch. Alongside fellow judges Sohla El-Waylly and Will Guidara, Levy will find one winner out of 10 culinary masterminds, who are set to compete via the most important meal of the day for the chance at $300,000.

In the trailer, released Oct. 20, the actor explained why the series will focus on brunch in the first place. 

"Brunch is the ultimate connector," he said. "The perfect convergence of food, comfort and friendship."

The clip went on to tease the contestants themselves, who each strive to "improve their communities by connecting people with food." One contender feeds patrons of his restaurant no matter if they can pay, while another uses food to study his own "culture and identity."

And clearly, despite the competition, this show is about to give us all the feel-good vibes. 

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"We're becoming this family," a contestant says in one scene as the group gives each other a massive hug. "It's just really beautiful."

In another tender moment, Levy tries a contestant's food, and although he can't give any feedback while they're cooking, he gives the camera a shy smile. 

"It's a celebration of everyone's story," Levy tells one contender. "That's what this is all about."

The Big Brunch debuts its first three episodes on Nov. 10, followed by three additional episodes on Nov. 17 and the final two on Nov. 24. 

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