The 14 Influencers You Should Be Giving a Follow This International Women’s Day

Influencers like Maeve Reilly and Tinx made us laugh, cry, comment and binge every bit of their content. Celebrate them this International Women’s Day by clicking that follow button.

By Alexandra Bellusci Mar 08, 2023 6:12 PMTags
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The women who take to social media everyday to share their lives with millions of followers have influenced an entire generation. From celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly, who spreads the message of kindness, to activists like Phoebe Gates and Amelie Zilber that fight on the forefront for women's rights, to those who have us consuming hours of content one 60-second clip at a time, our social media feeds are chock full of inspiring ladies we're celebrating this International Women's Day.

And this year's theme for the holiday—which was founded on March 8, 1975—couldn't be more fitting: "Celebrating Women Who Tell Stories." 2023's theme recognizes "women, past and present, who have been active in all forms of media and storytelling," the National Women's History Alliance shared on their site, "including print, radio, TV, stage, blogs, podcasts, news and social media."

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And, yes, these women have some stories to share. Keep scrolling to see which influencers you should give a follow to this International Women's Day.


In the years since the influencer (born:Christina Najjar), and her tiny microphone rose to fame, Tinx and her hot takes have taken over TikTok. But she's determined to do more than just make her followers laugh, presenting a decidedly unfiltered version of herself meant to empower the younger generation.

"I think being vulnerable is such a superpower and is such a way of showing your strength," the 32-year-old exclusively told E! News in November. "I try to lead by example and show the good with the bad, the filtered with the unfiltered and the before and after of all the glam."

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Amelie Zilber

An activist and an actress on the Freeform show Grownish, Amelie has garnered almost 10 million followers across both TikTok and Instagram. Using her platform for good, the 20-year-old continues to share a socially conscious message with her audience in hopes of inspiring change.

"One person doesn't singularly need to own one niche," she told E! News in an exclusive interview last month. "Specifically, women can be both—engaged in fashion and culture and simultaneously be intellectual and curious and passionate about the world. There isn't one way that a woman has to present herself on the internet, especially when the internet becomes your identity."

And Amelie knows the power her favorite apps holds.

"We have to meet people where they're at and where my generation is at is on social media," said the influencer, honored on Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Media list this past November. "We don't watch the news. We don't read the news. We scroll on social media and most people get their understanding of what's going on in the world through social media. There are so many incredible voices on social media that people need to be paying attention to, because they have their own unique experiences and takes and understandings of the world that I will never be able to share on my platform."

She added, "I really hope that social media continues to become a space where more and more people speak about the really important serious things happening in our world and how we can change them."

The Style Equation

Jennifer, better known as The Style Equation on TikTok is all about making women feel and look good in their skin. The wardrobe consultant boasts more than 155 thousand followers who come to her for advice on fashion and life. Jennifer's message is simple: Love yourself, embrace aging and look chic doing it.

With videos such as, "Trend Alert: Coastal Grandmother," "Are You Waisted? Or Not?" and "5 Things Not To Say To A Woman Over 50," she brings a wit to the world of wardrobe.

She also brings a strong desire to change the narrative.

"Words have power. Take the word anti-aging," she shared in her Jan. 6 TikTok. "We hear it so often we don't even notice the subtext. That aging is bad and should be stopped. Well that's impossible."

Time to flip the script—instead of the tale as old as time, Jennifer suggests using the phrase "pro-aging."

"Such a different feel," she continued. "Pro-aging implies a positive approach: "Prioritizing health, embracing where you are, growing through aging and not being ashamed of it."

Tori Block

Tori has corned the market on body positivity. Though her bio reads "+size streetstyle for babes with bellies," her fashions are universal. From ‘fits for going out, to casual day looks, she dresses herself IRL and brings her followers along to show exactly how she puts her looks together so it's easy to replicate. 

Always in enviable outfits, Tori uses her platform to speak about body image. From hacks on how to dress when you're having a bad body image day, to how to dress on your period to feel your best, she has ever girl covered.

Phoebe Gates

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates' daughter has made a name for herself as she continues to fight the good fight for women's health. The 20-year-old works to educate her 200,000 Instagram followers on the importance of using their voice to evoke change. And Phoebe has her mom to thank for her interest in activism. 

"I started caring about reproductive rights because of my mom," she explained to Medium March 1. "I remember, as a kid, watching as she'd travel around the world—to places like India and Senegal—advocating for women's rights. She'd come home and tell me about the women she met, girls as young as 14 who couldn't get abortions in their countries; about grown women who couldn't get a prescription for birth control because their doctors demanded to talk to their husbands first —and their husbands controlled their lives."

Click here to read more about Phoebe's fight for Women's health issues.

Grece Ghanem

Grece goes by the motto, "Style has no age." The 58-year-old has taken TikTok by storm, posting her daily outfits, rocking the latest trends, and partnering with fashion brands to showcase her ageless ‘fits.

"I always took good care styling myself and discovering my personal style," she told Glamour in 2021. "I'd invest in building my wardrobe with quality pieces, and I also loved reading and collecting fashion magazines."

As the epitome of chic, Grece spoke about why she feels there are not more style accounts run by women over 40.

"I think the fashion industry is still a little shy to put forward women my age," she shared. "The market feels oversaturated with young fashion accounts, girls in their 20s. However, there are great accounts of women in their 40s, 50s, and older sharing their sense of style."

Grece doesn't believe that age should have any restriction on how you dress.

"It's no secret that I strongly believe that women should remain visible no matter their age and have the freedom to dress as they please," she said. "As long as you dress with confidence, you can pull off any look."


Jenny Ong

Welcome to all things nature. This self-proclaimed Earth advocate teaches her almost 160,000 Instagram followers how to garden, cook nourishing meals and appreciate the ground they walk on. Being conscious about sustainability, electricity and food waste, Jenny has embraced a life that would make even Mother Nature smile.

"I'm in NO way a wellness expert, so you can also take this with a grain of salt," she shared on the app in 2019. "But I‘ve found that a good way to approach personal wellness is by directly targeting what makes you feel less-than-yourself."

She continued, "None of the Instagram-prescribed solutions worked until I paused, really dove into my unique anxieties and carefully addressed each one. Sometimes it does mean you start incorporating more vegetables where you can, and other times it is as simple as RSVPing ‘no'. Sometimes it is maximizing your skincare regimen and in other cases it might mean that you feel absolutely no pressure to buy a new serum or sweater in order to feel good."

Maeve Reilly

Celebrity stylist to A-lister's such as Megan Fox, Hailey Bieber, La La Anthony and Alix Earle, Maeve has used her love of fashion for good. The 35-year-old is the founder of The Local Love Club, a clothing brand that was built with the idea of spreading kindness and positivity with each piece created. The sweatshirts are embroidered with sayings such as "protected by love" and "decency pairs well with kindness" and it's giving cheeky and chic truthfulness. 

"Having experienced bullying first hand, both in-person as a child and now online on the internet, I wanted to create a brand that served as an advocate for love, inclusivity, and kindness," Maeve shared with Nylon in 2021. "When people wear our clothing, I want them to feel like they are a part of something greater."

The fashionista's website sums it up best: "Female-founded and led with love, the Local Love club is all about making kindness cool."


Katie Vail 

After serving her country, Katie turned an on-base passion into a career. The Army Veteran—who is now a married mom of three—dedicates her time these days to showcasing "classic, practical, pulled together mom style and affordable finds," per her Instagram bio. As for how the page Stripes and Whimsy first came about?

"I started my blog and social media accounts back in 2013 when I was an active-duty Army officer working at the Pentagon," her website reads. "It was a nice creative outlet that I desperately needed after four years of living in a barracks room as a West Point cadet and then close to a decade of wearing a uniform."

And these days, her social media presence  extra space here"has evolved into a true job," she continued, "where I share real-life outfits, decorating ideas, motherhood highs and lows and furniture DIYs."

Emira D'Spain

XOXOEmira has become a fan favorite Instagram page that documents the important issues like gender dysphoria and body image issues while sprinkling in all things glitz and glamour. Recently, the beauty influencer revealed that she had undergone gender confirmation surgery

"Debated whether or not I would talk about this for a really long time, but you all have been with me through SO much I felt that it was imperative I share this side of my life," Emira wrote in a February Instagram post. "I don't talk too much about being trans online, because I choose to not center my entire platform around my gender identity (not that there's anything wrong with that), I just find that being trans is only a small percentage of who I am."

The 25-year-old left her 10,000 followers with this: "You matter where you are in life or what your journey is, I am living proof that if you actually believe in yourself, everything is possible."

Amelia Dimoldenberg

As a UK based journalist, Amelia has created one of this generation's most beloved YouTube series: The Chicken Shop Dating show. The 29-year-old travels throughout England, interviewing celebrities at small chicken shops. Gaining more than 4 million views on her videos, she took her skills across the pond and to the red carpet, interviewing Andrew Garfield at the 2022 Golden Globes.

Sticking with the realm of being a true foodie, Amelia also hosts her own cooking show on her YouTube channel. Click here to see how Amelia is changing the face of journalism, one chicken video at a time. 

Maya Penn

The woman of many hats, Maya is a Gen-Z environmental climate activist who has most recently made her directorial debut with environmental animated short film Asali. 

"I originally created ASALI when I was 11 years old," Maya wrote on Instagram in October. "A lot of you remember the first concept for it that I animated when I was 12 that I shared during 2 of my TEDTalks!! My heart is filled with so much gratitude for everyone who has believed in this project!! I can't wait for you all to meet these characters that have been living in my brain for a decade!!"

Kim Saira 

Kim's Instagram bio reads: Movement healer + community carer. And with a page of posts and memes that leave followers with food for thought, such as "What if I stopped for just a sec to smell the flowers instead of letting my mind race about the future?," she is most definitely on a path of inspiring others. On TikTok Kim has dubbed herself the "Asian Movement Healer," and shares a mix of traditional Chinese recipes and mental health messages. 

Liza Koshy

The YouTuber first hit the social media scene in 2013, posting on Vine, before rising to fame on YouTube in 2015. From interviewing President Barack Obama in 2016, to starring in the Tyler Perry movie Boo that same year, Liza has made her mark in Hollywood. In 2018, the 26-year-old took home a Streamy—an award that recognizes content creators for their online work—for Best Comedy Series with Liza on Demand.

Then she logged off. Experiencing burnout, she took a break from the platform for most of 2018, returning with a set of new tools under her belt.

"I'm so proud to be healthy and love myself and be in this amazing place where I can have love and I can give it now," she told Cosmopolitan in 2019. "I can host and I can act and I can create a show. I got to step outside of my living room that I was so scared to leave."

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