Pregnant TikToker Abbie Herbert Shares Why She's Choosing to Have a C-Section

Abbie Herbert, who is expecting another baby with husband Josh Herbert, shared why she plans to have a C-Section after previously experiencing the birthing method with daughter Poppy.

By Alexandra Bellusci Mar 09, 2023 6:37 PMTags
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Abbie Herbert is subscribing to this birthing method.

The TikToker, who is expecting another child with husband Josh Herbert, revealed that after having a Caesarean section when welcoming their 17-month-old daughter Poppy, she is choosing to go that route again.

"I had an amazing C-section experience," the 26-year-old explained in her March 7 YouTube video. "I mean obviously I had the body shakes and a little out of it but I really cannot complain. But it's also the only thing I know, I don't know what it is to experience a vaginal birth."

And while she hadn't planned for a C-section when welcoming her daughter, this time around she's happy to make the decision for herself.

"I had a great experience," she continued. "I had a C-section with Poppy—I had to have one it was not my choice—but everything went as planned and as perfect as it could go."


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Abby, who is due in March, explained that many of her 2.4 million YouTube subscribers following her pregnancy journey have been curious about her birth plan. And she admitted that she considered all of her options.

"And after talking to my doctor," she noted, "and consulting with Josh and family I was like, 'I kind of want a c-section and to do what I already know.'"

However, it's about to be a party of four and Abby is sticking by what is best for her crew. And as for how her hubby feels about the decision?

"I'm excited, I'm nervous, worried," Josh said. "Happy—all the emotions in one. Having experienced it with Poppy it lessens the nerves a bit."




Their baby boy's imminent arrival comes 10 months after Abbie revealed she suffered a miscarriage in May. And suffice to say, finding out she was pregnant again in September, brought about a slew of different emotions for the influencer.

"When I found out I was pregnant a couple months ago," she shared at the time, "you start thinking about all of these things." 

Abbie added she was "so excited" but also "so nervous" to look at the test results. But flash forward to hitting that 9 month mark, in these final days, she is just anxiously anticipating her son's arrival. In fact, it's just days away.

"We have a scheduled C-section March 13," she concluded her YouTube video. "I really think I am just going to walk in there calm and we are prepped and we know what to expect and experience."

Watch her full YouTube video here.


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