TikToker Abbie Herbert Gives Birth, Welcomes Baby Boy With Husband Josh Herbert

TikTok star Abbie Herbert and her husband Josh Herbert welcomed baby boy through C-section on March 13. The newborn joins the couple's 21-month-old daughter Poppy. Read on for details about the birth.

By Gabrielle Chung Mar 14, 2023 2:03 AMTags
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POV: When Abbie Herbert's family becomes a little bigger.

The TikTok star and her husband, Josh Herbert, welcomed a baby boy on March 13. In a YouTube video, the couple—who are also parents to 21-month-old daughter Poppy—shared that their newborn was admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit due to low oxygen levels, but he is "doing wonderful now and is being monitored."

"Abbie is doing great and can't wait to hold baby boy," the duo wrote. "Josh was able to feed him some of Abbie's milk and he downed it."

The eight-minute clip also documented Abbie's trip to the hospital for her cesarean section, as well as the moment she met her son for the first time. The influencer and Josh did not reveal the name of their new child, though they have been referring to him as "Baby J" throughtout Abbie's pregnancy.

"His name is not Jason," Abbie clarified in a Jan. 4 video, adding that the moniker they settled on "is a very unique name." 

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Abbie first announced first announced her pregnancy in September, four months after sharing news that she had previously suffered a miscarriage. In October, the content creator opened up about her journey, telling E! News that it was important to be candid about its ups and downs because "this is the real side of trying for baby and fertility."



"I have multiple friends that had to do IVF or it took them a year to get pregnant," she noted. "And I just feel like there are so many things that just aren't talked about with fertility and pregnancy, especially miscarriages. Because it's so common. After sharing my story, I'm like, 'Wow, so many women have had at least one of them.'"

Abbie has also been open about her decision to undergo another C-section. As she explained in a YouTube video last week, "I had a C-section with Poppy—I had to have one it was not my choice—but everything went as planned and as perfect as it could go."

Calling her birthing experience with daughter Poppy "amazing," the 26-year-old added, "It's also the only thing I know. I don't know what it is to experience a vaginal birth." 

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