Vanderpump Rules: Ariana Madix Catches Tom Sandoval Lying Amid Raquel Leviss Affair

On Vanderpump Rules' May 3 episode, before news of their affair broke, Ariana Madix confronted Tom Sandoval about partying with Raquel Leviss on the day of her grandmother's death.

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Tom Sandoval wasn't there in Ariana Madix's time of need.

On Vanderpump Rules' May 3 episode, it was revealed that, filmed in September, the TomTom co-owner was partying with Raquel Leviss on the same day his then-girlfriend found out her grandmother Bonnie died. And while Tom originally told Ariana he couldn't get a ride home to comfort her over the loss, Lala Kent witnessed a different chain of events at the Labor Day bash.

"I was at that barbecue," Lala told Ariana on the latest episode, "Tom came up to me and was like, 'Ariana's really mad at me right now.'"

But Tom told Ariana he wasn't aware his friend Jason had left the party, abandoning him without a ride.

"No, he did know," Lala insisted. "I was sitting there."

At that point, Ariana called her partner of nine years over to clarify their conflicting stories.

"So, Jason said he was leaving the party and then you said 'no, I'm actually gonna stay?'" she asked Tom. "And then you chose to stay longer? I found out my grandma died, like, while you were there."

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After a long, awkward pause, Tom admitted, "Well, yeah, I kind of figured you wanted to be alone," to which Ariana replied, "You said you didn't know Jason left because you were taking a s--t."

Tom's dishonesty was a slap in the face to her.

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"You realize you put me in a position with this where people will think that I'm the idiot," she told him. "Everyone thinks that you just wanted to hang out there for a few hours."

Lala confirmed her co-stars claim, adding, "That's definitely what I think because that's definitely what I saw."

In her confessional, Ariana reflected on the betrayal. "I choose Tom over everyone, like, 'I ride or die for you,'" she said. "So I look like an idiot being Tom's no. 1 stan when he's not mine."

Earlier in the episode, Raquel caused more suspicion about her and Tom by admitting to spending the night at his house when Ariana was out of town. Although the sleepover revelation didn't bother Ariana because she said she completely trusted them, Lala plainly stated to James Kennedy, "I think Sandoval has a thing for Raquel."

Back in March, both Tom and Raquel apologized to Ariana for their affair after she broke up with him over his cheating.

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And as Tom revealed in his first post-Scandoval interview on April 11, he and Raquel had already started their affair in August before their Labor Day outing. The Bravo star said he was drawn to Raquel because he was "in a very dark place" and his relationship with Ariana "didn't have the intimacy" at the time. 

However, he did acknowledge he "handled s--t wrong" with the affair. "Nothing is excusable for what I did," he added. "I definitely deserve the hate."

See the Scandoval drama continue to play out when Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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