Priscilla's Cailee Spaeny Reveals How "Magic" Helped With Her and Jacob Elordi's Height Difference

Priscilla star Cailee Spaeny shared insight into the "movie magic" used to make up for the major height difference onscreen between herself and costar Jacob Elordi.

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A pair of shoes can sometimes truly work wonders (and no, they don't have to be blue suede).
For Priscilla star Caliee Spaeny, who stars alongside Jacob Elordi in the upcoming biopic centered around Priscilla Presley's relationship with Elvis Presley, the stark height difference between the two proved to be a little tricky. But as the actress—who stands at five-foot-one—revealed, she and her six-foot-five costar found the perfect workaround.
"We made it work, we did some movie magic," Cailee exclusively told E! News at the 61st New York Film Festival Centerpiece screening Oct. 6. "They gave me some really high heels to wear whenever you couldn't see my feet in the movies. And then he got really good at leaning on walls during scenes while looking natural. So, we made it happen."
And Cailee's praise for the Euphoria star extends beyond his ability to lean in.
"He's just a really great actor to work with and super collaborative and so supportive," the Mare of Easttown star continued. "That was just one fun thing that we had to add to the challenge of all."

Jacob Elordi's Elvis Presley Transformation in Priscilla

Even before they began shooting their scenes together for the film, which is based on Priscilla's 1985 memoir Elvis and Me, Cailee was "excited" to work alongside her costar. After all, she's a self-avowed "fan of his work."

"You can just really tell in his performances how seriously he takes it," she noted. "And I think we both have the same work ethic, which is such a relief. It doesn't mean anything about the actors, but actors do wildly different things for different roles. I think it was just like, we're both sort of nerds and are really intense with this stuff. We bonded before we went and filmed this movie, which I thought was really important. We knew that we had to trust each other before we went into this."

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But Jacob wasn't the only one that Cailee bonded with during filming, as she got to spend a lot of time with Priscilla herself.

"She was so generous to go through this time in her life again because she's done it so many times," Cailee shared. "But she also just said, 'If you need me for anything beyond this movie and filming, I just want you to know that I'm here to talk anytime.' I just thought that it was really kind. She didn't have to say that or do that, but she did. And I think that speaks a lot of who she is as a person."

In fact, after seeing the Sofia Coppola film for the first time in Venice, Cailee noted that Priscilla complimented on her on "a great performance."

"She just said, 'I watched my life through you,'" the Devs actress shared. "That's sort of all I need to hear. I think we did it, done. I made this movie for her. I wanted her to feel seen and sort of safe and so to hear those words is everything."

Priscilla debuts in theaters nationwide on Nov. 3.

—Reporting by Nikaline McCarley

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