Kendall Jenner Details Her Hopes for “Traditional” Family and Kids

Kendall Jenner detailed the plans she has in mind for her future family, including the ideal number of kids she'd like to have one day, during the latest episode of The Kardashians.

By Kisha Forde Nov 09, 2023 2:00 PMTags
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Kendall Jenner has a vision and she's sticking to it.

During the Nov. 9 episode of The Kardashians, the model detailed her future family plans, telling her mom Kris Jenner that she wants to be a mom—and knows how many children she hopes to have.

"Three max, I'm cool with two though," Kendall, who has been dating Bad Bunny for nearly a year, explained. "I just want my kid to, for sure, to have a sibling. I know that."

And while Kris said she'd "love to see Kendall have a baby" in the near future, timing is everything.

"I swear I got this, and I will give you a grandkid when the time is right," Kendall shared in a confessional, "and when it all makes sense perfectly."

For right now, the 28-year-old is perfectly happy with her life as is.

"I just think about my life and the freedom that I have right now," she told Kris and Corey Gamble, "and the ease of picking up and going somewhere. I just like that right now. But I'm also not going to do it with just anybody."

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In fact, as Corey suggested, Kendall will be more than ready once the "story and a wedding and fairytale" falls right into place.

"I'm traditional," she added. "I guess in that sense."

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This isn't the first time that Kendall has opened up about motherhood, noting that it's a chapter that she'll embrace with enthusiasm when it's meant to be.

"I'm excited for that time in my life," she told WSJ. Magazine in June. "I just know it's not right now."

And when that time comes, she'll raise her children outside of Los Angeles—and away from the spotlight.

"I consider myself one of the luckiest people on the planet to be able to live the life that I live," Kendall continued. "But I do think that it's challenging for me a lot more than it's not."

One of those challenges includes keeping details of her personal life as close to her chest as possible.

"I try [to] find the balance of keeping things private and keeping things sacred, [and] also not letting the unfortunate frustration and stress of everyone trying to get in on it stop me from enjoying my side," Kendall said. "I'll go out of my way to do things as privately as possible."

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