TikToker Quest Gulliford Gets His Eyeballs Tattooed Black in $10,000 Procedure

TikToker Quest Gulliford shared why chose to get his eyeballs completely covered in black tattoo ink—a decision he said that took him six years to make.

By Gabrielle Chung Nov 14, 2023 11:48 PMTags
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Quest Gulliford is here to open your eyes to a new form of tattoo.

The TikToker, who has close to a million followers on the social media platform, is now inked head to toe—including his eyeballs. That's right, what was once the whites of his eyes are now covered in black ink thanks to Cobra Luna, a tattoo artist who has been dubbed the "inventor of the eyeball tattoo." 

"It took me six years to think if I actually wanted to get it or not," Quest shared in a video earlier this month, explaining that he wore blackout contacts for 30 days before making the big decision. "I loved it, and then it took six more years because it was very expensive."

Just how expensive? According to the tattoo collector, it cost him $5,000 per eye, which came out to a whopping total of $10,000 when the job was finished in 2021.

During the procedure, Quest he had to hold his own eyelids open while the tattoo artist injected four shots of pigment into his eyeball. "After he would do each shot, he would barely touch it to rub it around," the Las Vegas-based influencer recalled in an Oct. 1 TikTok. "Now, it's permanent."

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Since then, Quest has continued to add to his body art collection. As he recently explained, "I am NO WHERE NEAR done with my tattoo transformation."

Instagram/Quest Gulliford

"I see a lot of people's opinions/comments saying 'there's no more room,'" he continued in the caption of an Instagram video, which showed a tattoo artist inking the skin right below his eye. "But I promise you there is."

Overall, Quest estimates he spent $70,000 over the course of 13 years on tattoos. 

And though he knows that his ink—particularly the ones on his eyes—may furrow some brows, he has no regrets. In fact, his eyeball tats are not reversible even if he did.

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"No, you can't get these removed," he said in a Nov. 4 clip, "and I'm very happy about that because I'm super happy with the results."

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