Untangling Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder's Parody of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell

The internet was in euphoria when The Curse's Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder released a promo spoofing an ad for Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell's rom-com Anyone But You.

By Gabrielle Chung Nov 18, 2023 1:09 AMTags
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Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder are having a field day on the internet.

On Nov. 17, the Oscar winner and the comedian dropped a video about their new series The Curse that was almost identical to a commercial for Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell's romantic comedy Anyone But You released on the prior day.

"Check out the trailer for my new show," Emma said in a clip posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, prompting her costar to interject, "Um, my new show."

After some light-hearted banter, the La La Land actress conceded and called the series "our new show."

"Better?" she playfully teased Nathan, who simply asked that they just "play the trailer" for their series.

Jokingly rolling her eyes, Emma added, "Oh my god." 

Social media users quickly noticed that the pair appeared to be spoofing a Nov. 16 video of Sydney and Glen also shared on X. In that clip, the costars also quipped about whose movie it was line-for-line, before Sydney gave up and rolled her eyes.

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The Euphoria star was also seen in a strapless pink dress, which Emma mimicked in a blush-colored tank top. Meanwhile, both videos were filmed in front of a pale blue backdrop.

"This is the funniest f--king thing I've ever seen," one fan wrote on X. "Kudos to Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone and A24 for this 24 hour turn-around."

Another X user joked, "the devil works hard but nathan fielder works harder."

Nathan—who is known for creating elaborate scenarios to drum up press for small businesses on his Comedy Central show Nathan for You—then addressed the situation through a hilarious Notes App statement. In his signature deadpan humor, the Canadian actor wrote, "I want to be very clear—we shot this promo over six months ago, and I am seriously concerned that the marketing team at Sony Pictures somehow saw our promo and copied it."

"As artists, doing these types of promos, we just read the scripts we are given with unyielding trust that the creative we are performing is wholly original and not lifted from competing projects or generated by AI," he continued. "It's unfortunate that Sydney, Glen, Emma and myself have but put in this situation. But this will not stop us from supporting each others successes, and I know that both Emma and myself will personally be booking front row seats to Anyone But You on opening night."

In response to the statement, Anyone But You director Will Gluck—who previously helmed Emma's 2010 flick Easy A—posted his own Notes App message on Instagram, joking that he and his team did "indeed steal the trailer launch idea from The Curse."

Beth Garrabrant/A24/Paramount+ with Showtime; Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"We in no way intended to stand in the way of your success; indeed, we celebrate it," he added, vowing to tune into The Curse. "Please again accept our heartfelt apology."

Further hinting it was all a bit, he also posted an image of Sydney and Glen Photoshopped into a poster for The Curse

Meanwhile, Glen replied to the parody on X by posting a butt-baring screenshot from his movie, writing in the caption, "@NathanFielder it doesn't count unless you go the hole way."

Also starring Uncut GemsBenny SafdieThe Curse is a dark comedy centered around a married couple attempting to keep up appearances as they run into issues during the filming of their house-flipping show. The series premiered on Showtime and Paramount+ earlier this month.

Out on Dec. 22, Anyone But You follows two people pretending to be the picture perfect couple at a destination wedding.

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