Dearest Readers, You’ll Burn for Bridgerton’s Intense Season 3 Teaser

See Bridgerton season three's first teaser trailer, and let Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton become the bane of your existence until the show's May premiere.

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Watch: 'Bridgerton' Season 3: First Look at the Steamy New Romances

It has come to this author's attention that a teaser for Bridgerton season three has been released.

And, dearest readers, it is a must-see. The third installment of the historical yet spicy Netflix drama turns its focus on the Bridgerton family's third eldest son Colin (Luke Newton) and fly-on-the-wall turned secret gossip columnist Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlin). And if this sneak peek is any indication, the season promises to be as romantically charged as its predecessors

The camera opens on Colin and Penelope, who are gazing at each other with what can only be described as radiating sexual tension. And as lightly flirty music plays, the youngest Featherington says to the object of her desires, "Your eyes... a most remarkable shade of blue. And yet somehow they shine even brighter when you are kind."

And just as the two seem to realize the depth of the moment they just shared, they awkwardly break apart: Colin takes a large gulp of the drink in his hand as Penelope stutters, "I might say something like that if you were a suitor."

As Colin himself puts it, clearing his throat, "Well, that was rather direct."

Bridgerton Season 3: Everything to Know

And just as the two might simply die of embarrassment, an offscreen commotion saves them from each other.

But just what—or who—intercedes, and exactly how the pair will go from this charged moment to finally expressing their love for each other, viewers will have to wait just a bit longer. Part one of the season will release May 16, with part two following June 13.

Yet while season three will see a return of other fan-favorite characters—including Jonathan Bailey's Anthony Bridgerton and Simone Ashley's Kate Sharma, whose season two romance was the talk of the ton—it's Penelope and Colin who will find themselves in the spotlight this time around.

And, as Nicola previously revealed, it couldn't be a more pivotal season for her character—both romantically and emotionally. 

"This year is the year Penelope thought she was having last year, if that makes sense," the Derry Girls alum told Shondaland in June. "Because I think she thought that she and Colin were a thing and it was happening, and then she got a really rude awakening at the end. I always say year one is ‘girl,' year two is ‘not a girl, not yet a woman,' and this year is ‘woman.'"

She added, "She's really grown up in these three years. I often think about playing characters who are a lot younger than you, and one of the most important things is not to patronize them and to realize that everyone, regardless of age, is a human being. I've been on a bit of a journey with her this time around."

But while you have to wait until May to see exactly where that journey goes, keep reading for more first look photos at Bridgerton season three. 

Sharing a Glance

Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin (Luke Newton) take center stage as the duo to watch in season three of Bridgerton.

Looking For His Place in This World

Fans will get the chance to get more insight into Colin Bridgerton's personality this season.

"Colin is a curious person," co-executive producer Betsy Beers explained. "And I think he feels that his answers are out there somewhere, which is why you sense this pushing and pulling and, ultimately, confusion. He's in a tough spot, being the third son. In a world where you only need an heir and a spare, Colin doesn't know where he fits—and he's constantly looking to transform himself.

A Longing Look

Penelope is "grown up" now, Nicola shared in June 2023, adding it was "definitely different this time around" as all eyes are on her journey from Lady Whistledown to leading lady. 

Day Dreaming—or Plotting

The actress has known for a while that she'll be the focus. 

"I've known for, like, two weeks into filming season two, so I had a lot of time to adjust to it," she told E! News' Justin Sylvester and Loni Love in May 2022. "But then, you know, last night when they were like, ‘The news is coming out. You can talk about it,' I was like, ‘I don't want to. I'm too scared.' When I say it out, it makes it real."

The Dashing Bridgerton

One more secret about season three? It appears another extravagant ball will be taking place: London's Osterley Park estate was seen in July totally made-over with white flowers, Regency-era carriages and purple decorations seemingly for filming. Colin better have his dance moves perfected!

Hands Touch, Eyes Meet

Penelope and Colin share an intimate moment as she assists him with a cut to his hand. 

One of the Ton's Many Soirées

Colin and Penelope tease their romance at one of the ton’s soirées.

A New Suitor

Colin has competition when Lord Debling (Sam Phillips) begins vying for Penelope's hand. 

Leaving the Nest

Penelope learns to spread her wings after distancing herself from her overbearing family. 

Super Steamy Season

Jonathan Bailey is looking forward to seeing where season three takes the Bridgertons.

"It's going to be tantalizing," the actor teased to E! News' Francesca Amiker at the GQ Men of the Year in November. "It's going to be good. And also, my brother Luke Newton is bringing the heat with Nicola. So it's going to be great."

And Simone Ashley couldn't agree more.

"I'm very happy when I'm reading the scripts," she told E! News at the time. "When I receive them, I've got a beaming smile on my face."

Gentlemen's Night

Colin enjoys a night out with his older brother Benedict, still an eligible bachelor himself. 

New (Marriage) Season, New Eloise

The second oldest Bridgerton daughter decides to put her best foot forward when it comes to finding a suitor. 

Mother Knows Best

Bridgerton's third youngest Francesca (Hannah Dodd) returns to London. 

A Family Affair

The Bridgerton's gather for an important occasion. But just what, viewers will have to wait and see...

A New Place in the Ton

Will Mondrich (Martins Imhangbe) and his family grapple with their new reality after being gifted a new title. 

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