BaubleBar Founders (& Best Friends) Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky Share Galentine's Day Gift Ideas

Celebrate your BFF this Galentine's Day with BaubleBar jewelry, custom gifts, NFL accessories, and more recommendations from the brand's founders Daniella Yacobovsky and Amy Jain.

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We interviewed Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky because we think you'll like their picks. Amy and Daniella are co-founders of BaubleBar. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

Some people warn against mixing business and friendship, but BaubleBar founders Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky wouldn't have it any other way. Amy says, "We are extremely lucky. We know having a successful partnership while staying best friends is rare. Our relationship is unique in that we met in a work setting, in our first jobs out of college. So, we knew how the other would approach many work situations and we ultimately trusted each other."

As BaubleBar keeps expanding with jewelry, accessories, and home essentials, their bond has only gotten stronger. With Galentine's Day around the corner, who better to ask for gift ideas than best friends with a brand that specializes in gifting? Amy says she loves Galentine's Day because it allows her to "take a moment to show appreciation for those meaningful relationships" in her life.

In an exclusive E! interview, Daniella and Amy shared their Galentine's Day and Valentine's Day gift ideas, including picks from the BaubleBar sale section, Valentine's Day Shop, and NFL collection.

BaubleBar Galentine's Day Gift Ideas

E!: Share a Galentine's Day gift under $30.
DY: The Initial Cuff Bracelet is such a great, wearable style. 

BaubleBar Initial Cuff Bracelet

"It's a classic gold cuff with a block letter pave initial in its center. It's a great way to give something personal and special, while still being an easy, effortless piece someone will get a ton of wear out of." – Daniella

E!: Share a BaubleBar ring that makes a great Galentine's Day gift and what you love about this style.
DY: We absolutely love the Julia Ring

BaubleBar Julia Ring

"It's signet ring-inspired, but softened by a larger heart-shaped gem center stone, making it a really great statement style to work into your everyday stack." – Daniella

E!: Share a bracelet that you recommend for gifting and what you love about this style.
DY: The Custom Cord Bracelet is perfect. 

BaubleBar Custom Cord Bracelet

"It's a really wearable dainty style and offers so many ways to customize it, from the cord color to the personalization you add." - Daniella

You can get this bracelet in 23 colors.

E!: Share a pick from the BaubleBar sale section that would make a great Galentine's Day gift.
AJ: The Sophie 18K Gold Necklace is such a beautiful piece, and available at such a great price.

BaubleBar Sophie 18K Gold Necklace

"It's a row of bezel set cubic zirconia stones set on a dainty 18k gold chain. It's super wearable and a necklace so many people will love." – Amy

E!: BaubleBar is famous for its statement earrings. Do you have a favorite pair?
AJ: I have been wearing the Allison Earrings on repeat. I think they add polish to whatever you're wearing.

BaubleBar Allison Earrings

"They're chic, easy, and go with almost anything. They're also lightweight and easy to wear— I've had a few nights where I had them on for many hours in a row and my ears didn't hurt at all." – Amy

E!: Share a Galentine's Day gift for sports fans from BaubleBar's NFL, NBA, or MLB collections.
AJ: What could be a better Galentine's Day gift than a friendship bracelet?

BaubleBar NFL Woven Friendship Bracelet

"Our NFL friendship bracelets feature each team's colors with metallic letters representing its slogan." – Amy

Currently, there are 11 NFL teams to choose from.

E!: What is your go-to Galentine's Day gift?
DY: Our new 360 Charm Necklace is such a cool take on a personalized gift. It's a really easy way to put together a thoughtful gift that's unique for the recipient.

BaubleBar 360 Charm Necklace

"You select 3-disc beads that are threaded onto a bar pendant. We can pick from letters, colors, and different motifs and symbols."  – Daniella

E!: Share a BaubleBar Disney item that you recommend for a Galentine's Day gift and why you recommend this pick.
DY: Our bag charms have become a popular item to collect amongst Disney fans, and I love seeing all the clever ways our design team brings different seasonal moments to life. 

BaubleBar Mickey Mouse Disney Bag Charm

"This Mickey Mouse Valentine's Day Bag Charm is just so sweet, featuring a box of chocolates and heart motifs on his ears. The bag charms make such a great gift because you can use them in so many different ways – clip it to a bag or display it as décor." – Daniella

E!: Tell me about this year's BaubleBar Valentine's Day Shop.
AJ: It's all about items you want to give as gifts and wear for a fun date night. So, we have a mix of giftable initial jewelry, semi-precious stones, and meaningful motifs like hearts.

BaubleBar Sheri Earrings

Add a modern aesthetic to you ensemble with these heart drop earrings, which come in 4 styles.

BaubleBar Bubble Custom Slider Bracelet

Personalized jewelry with names or initials is always a special gift. This pick from the BaubleBar Valentine's Day Shop comes in 6 styles.

BaubleBar Juno Rose Quartz Necklace

Bring positive vibes to your day with BaubleBar's Juno Necklace. Choose from 7 stones, which are meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.

E!: Share a custom BaubleBar Valentine's Day/ Galentine's Day present. Why is a personalized item such a special gift?
AJ: I always love our custom blankets as a gift. It's super soft, machine washable and you can get a ton of use out of it.  I have the large size for snuggling up at home and the small size for travel. Personalized items allow you to really tailor a gift to the person you're gifting. While customizing a name is always popular, a lot of people incorporate words that represent an inside joke or numbers that symbolize something unique. It's those little touches that highlight those relationships you hold so dear.

BaubleBar In The Bag Custom Blanket

"I especially love our new In The Bag Blanket. It's a really fun design and comes in a huge range of color options."  – Amy

You can get this bag in 2 sizes and 14 colorways.

E!: What is your favorite ready-to-ship item from this year's BaubleBar Valentine's Day Shop?
DY: Why not go luxe? Treat someone to the 18K Gold Mini Initial Necklace

BaubleBar 18K Gold Mini Initial Necklace

"It is the prettiest, daintiest size making it the perfect piece to wear every day and layer with other styles." - Daniella

You can get this in gold or gold pavé. 

The Most Popular BaubleBar Products

"Different styles get love in different ways, and it's really fun to see how people interact with them." – Daniella

BaubleBar Custom iPhone Case

"Our phone cases get a ton of social media love, partially because they're included in a lot of selfies." – Daniella

You can get this case in 13 colors.

BaubleBar On Repeat Custom Blanket

"Our blankets have a passionate following and we see people buying a lot of them as gifts." – Daniella

You may recognize this blanket from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It is ready for immediate shipping in 2 sizes and 5 colors.

Snuggle up With the BaubleBar Blanket Everyone Has on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

BaubleBar Custom Disc Pisa Bracelet

"Our custom bracelets have a loyal following and we get so inspired by how our customers personalize their styles to tell their own personal story." – Daniella

Choose from 6 colorways and several sizes, including kids options.

E!: What is your advice for anyone who wants to go into business with a friend?
DY: Make sure you know how to have hard conversations. Know how to disagree, talk through differences, and come back together without carrying anger or resentment.

E!: BaubleBar's motto is "Embellish Every Day." Why is this such an important mantra?
DY: It's about finding joy and optimism, and it's important to us as a brand that we are always creating those moments for people.  It could be through wearing a product you love, having an amazing experience with our care team, or just seeing something we posted on social media that made you laugh. 

E!: Amy, what's your favorite gift you've received from Daniella?
AJ: Her friendship. Ha! I'm kidding. When Daniella had her youngest son, Charlie, I went to LA to meet him. When I got to her home, Charlie had just woken up from his nap. She told me I could go get him from his crib. I melted when I saw Charlie!

I completely missed what was on his onesie. And then I saw it, ‘"Will you be my Godmother?" I started hysterically crying with joy. We don't have the concept of godparents in Indian culture and while I consider both of Daniella's kids my own, this one really made my heart burst!

E!: Daniella, what's your favorite gift you've received from Amy?
DY: Many years ago (I won't say how many!) Amy had big plans for our birthday (we have the same birthday). She was having this big fancy dinner with her parents and her then-boyfriend, now husband. I didn't have any big plans or anyone coming to celebrate with me, and she insisted I come to dinner with them. It was at a restaurant with a REALLY hard reservation to get so I have no idea how they were able to squeeze me in.  It was such a special night and such a core memory that I always hold very dear.

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(This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.)

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