Miss Japan Winner Karolina Shiino Renounces Title After Alleged Affair

Two weeks after Karolina Shiino was crowned Miss Japan, the pageant winner relinquished her title.

By Elyse Dupre Feb 06, 2024 9:43 PMTags
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Karolina Shiino is giving back her crown.

The Miss Japan winner renounced her title after a local magazine reported she had an affair with a married man. 

"I'm very sorry for causing the tremendous trouble," she wrote on Instagram Feb. 5, according to the Associated Press' translation, "and for acting as if betraying everyone who has supported me."

The 26-year-old initially said she did not know the man in question—doctor and influencer Takuma Maeda—was married but has since backtracked, per the AP.

Maeda also issued an apology on social media following the scandal—noting he was sorry he "caused trouble" for Shiino and others involved. Meanwhile, the pageant organization said in a statement obtained by the AP that it "takes seriously our responsibility for causing the ruckus."

As for who will take over for Shiino as Miss Japan, Kaoru Wada, chair of the Miss Nippon Association, told CNN the position will remain "vacant."

Beauty Pageant Scandals

The news comes two weeks after Shiino was crowned Miss Japan. However, this isn't the first time she's made headlines.


After Shiino won the title on Jan. 22, her victory sparked debate as she was actually born in Ukraine but had lived in Japan since she was 5 and is a naturalized citizen.

"I wanted to be recognized as a Japanese person," the contestant told CNN after being named Miss Japan. "I kept being told that I'm not Japanese, but I am absolutely Japanese, so I entered Miss Japan genuinely believing in myself. I was really happy to be recognized like this."

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