Greasy Summer Hair Survival Guide: How To Stop Oily Hair ASAP

Your oily scalp and greasy hair won't stand a chance with these shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, and hair treatment picks.

By Lily Rose May 09, 2024 3:00 PMTags
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Do you have greasy hair? If you're someone with a seemingly naturally oily scalp, someone who skips hair washes in between gym sessions, someone who lives in a humid climate, or are someone who uses a ton of hair products, you might deal with hair grease, greasy roots, oily hair, or a greasy root with a dry end.

But that doesn't mean you don't have healthy hair underneath all that oil! Let us show you how to reveal your naturally healthy hair and help you treat oily roots and hair strands with our greasy hair survival guide.

These hair care and hair styling products are designed to help cleanse and clarify your scalp and hair to remove oil buildup, allow natural oil to permeate the hair shaft, and fight grease from forming oily hair strands.

What causes greasy hair?

There are a bunch of reasons you might be experiencing greasy hair. Your environment can be a large contributor. If you live in a humid climate or a polluted climate, your scalp might produce more sebum, leading to oily hair. This can also happen with a change in hormones or from a diet high in sugar and fats.

Your hair might also be greasy from over or under washing it. If you're someone who loves the gym but hates to deal with a daily hair care routine, putting your sweaty locks up into a ponytail might actually be causing an excess of oil production, buildup, and an oily scalp. And if you're over washing your hair, you may be stripping it of its natural oil, causing the scalp to overcompensate with sebum.

Luckily, there are a ton of hair products that help treat and prevent greasy hair.

How can I fix my greasy hair?

The fastest way to fix greasy hair is by establishing a hair care routine that clarifies the scalp, removing excess oil without stripping it (and your hair follicle) of helpful natural oil that results in healthy hair.

The shopping experts at E! have selected the best products for treating, preventing, and controlling oily hair, including shampoo, lightweight conditioner, hair masks, dry shampoo, styling products designed for your hair type, and more.

These hair products are designed to help treat excess oil and help manage your scalp's oil production, plus eliminate any buildup on your scalp, leaving you with shiny, gorgeous locks.

Yes, of course we've included all the best dry shampoos. But there's more to explore below! 

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