Orlando Bloom Reveals Whether Kids Flynn and Daisy Inherited His Taste For Adventure

Orlando Bloom divulged whether his kids Flynn and Daisy will be following in his adventurous footsteps, as seen in his new show Orlando Bloom: To The Edge.

By Hayley Santaflorentina Apr 18, 2024 4:50 PMTags
Watch: Orlando Bloom Reveals If Kids Flynn and Daisy Have Inherited His Taste For Adventure!

When it comes to swashbuckling adventures, Orlando Bloom's kids are split. 

The Pirates of the Caribbean alum's newest project—a three-part series on Peacock called Orlando Bloom: To The Edge—sees him push his body to its physical limit as he tackles extreme sports. But when it comes to whether his two children—daughter Daisy Dove, 3, with fiancée Katy Perry and son Flynn, 13, with ex Miranda Kerr—have that same need for speed, Orlando isn't sure they'll be following in his footsteps.  

"My son came out to the jump site on the wingsuit episode," he recalled of filming the new series in an exclusive interview with E! News. "And he was like, 'Dad, you're crazy. No way.'"

He continued, "He doesn't have the same clock ticking which I respect as well because he takes calculated risks. And I think that's something at a young age I admire."

But when it comes to his youngest, the jury is still out on a daredevil future. 

"Daisy is only 3 1/2, but I see, I see a little of the screw loose qualities," Orlando admitted. "I remember her climbing stairs and thinking, 'Wow, she's preparing for something.' Because as soon as she could walk she learns to climb." (For more of Orlando's interview, tune into E! News April 18 at 11:30 p.m.)

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom's Cutest Moments

To The Edge takes its name seriously—and often literally—as it shows Orlando tackling wingsuit flying, rock climbing and free diving. And while Katy—to whom Orlando got engaged in 2019—will stand by her partner, there are some precipices she is happy to leave to him.

"I did say, 'Do you want to jump out of the plane?' She was goes, 'No, no way,'" the 47-year-old recalled. "She takes very calculated risks, which I respect and is something that I can learn from. She loves life, but I think is not really interested in terrifying herself. Whereas I'm quite comfortable in discomfort in some ways and I think that's something that was apparent through the show."

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

So how did she feel about Orlando himself taking on such risks? 

"We both respect each other's paths and journeys and creative endeavors," Orlando explained. "And I think she knew that this was something that was on my path and something I'd chosen. She kind of understood that it was going to be something that would be, pardon the pun, the wind beneath my wings in some ways and that it was necessary for me."

And in looking back on the biggest takeaways, the Lord of the Rings alum can point to the ways in which the experience had a positive impact on his home life. 

In addition to "trusting the process," he learned the importance of presence. 

"Really letting go of the the mental blocks that were preventing me from being present to the moment and trusting my life to be present to the moment," he explained, "is something that I've definitely tried to take into my everyday life even on the smallest ways. Whether it's with my kids or with my partner, with life, with friends, just being less sporadic and more present."

For more with Orlando, tune in to E! News April 18 at 11:30 p.m., and don't miss Orlando Bloom: To The Edge streaming now on Peacock.

- Reporting by Emily Curl

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