Kylie Jenner Helps BFF Jordyn Woods Honor Her Late Father With a Touching Motorcycle Ride on Life of Kylie

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By Gabi Duncan Sep 04, 2017 1:55 AMTags
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Let's ride.

As Jordyn Woods continued to cope with the death of her father, John Woods, in Sunday's all-new episode of Life of Kylie, best friend Kylie Jenner was right there by her side.

"Losing my dad this year, it still isn't real to me," Jordyn confessed. "It's still like that process of acceptance. It's going to take awhile." In honor of his memory, the 19-year-old model decided to get a "J" tattoo and then the girls—with some help from Caitlyn Jenner—learned how to ride motorcycles together, which was one of John's biggest passions.

"When Jordyn lost her dad, it definitely made me appreciate my dad a lot more," Kylie admitted. "It was like a wake-up call that nothing lasts forever. We have to just appreciate the people that we love while they're here."

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Meanwhile, Kylie also took a trip to London with her squad for a photo shoot with Nick Knight. As luck would have it, Kendall Jenner was in town as well, so she met up with the group for a day of fun in the city.

Later in her confessional, Kylie revealed that she couldn't be more opposite from her sister. "We just really are different people, completely different people," the 20-year-old entrepreneur said. "We have different opinions on everything. We do everything differently—so interesting."

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