Kylie Jenner Admits Mom Kris Jenner Can Be "Really Scary"

Watch a hilarious preview from Sunday's new Life of Kylie

By Brett Malec Sep 07, 2017 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Kylie Jenner Admits to Being "Scared" of Kris as a Child

Beware the wrath of Kris Jenner!

In this exclusive preview clip from Sunday's new Life of Kylie, Kylie Jenner's assistant Victoria admits she's a little fearful of the Kardashian matriarch after Kylie tries to change their travel plans.

"So the plan was that we were all gonna fly together to Peru," Victoria says. "It was going to be a one-way easy flight and then I get a text from Kylie saying, ‘Actually I'm gonna fly to Miami. Can you ask my mom if the plane can pick me up?' This adds five hours of travel time to Kris Jenner's flight. No way. No way am I gonna ask your mom. Are you kidding? I was terrified of asking Kris."

Growing Up Kardashian: Kylie Jenner

Victoria talks to Kylie and encourages Kylie to talk to her mom herself, but even Kylie is a little nervous.

"I was scared of my mom growing up," the 20-year-old admits. "She was really scary. She still is scary but now we have more of a friendship."

So what happens when Kylie calls? Watch Sunday to find out!